Learning 2 Give

As the Days of Judgement near our hearts tremble as we rush to come closer to G-d and accrue merits.

What an opportunity, then, would it be to combine Torah learning and the giving of tzedaka, two of the three pillars that hold up this world. Learning 2 Give, a revolutionary project, offers you this chance – to multiply your merits by connecting the power of giving with the greatness of Torah.

This Aseres Yemei Teshuva, Learning 2 Give welcomes the 5 Towns community to an inaugural, monumental event.

It’s an event you will gain from as you enable giving; it’s an event you can’t afford to miss.

Born from a desire to draw unaffiliated Jews closer to Torah, Learning 2 Give connects tzedakah sponsors with people seeking to complete Torah learning goals. Learning Torah becomes the catalyst for a donation to a worthy cause. It’s a win-win initiative, offering every Jew a chance to connect with his fellow Jew through learning and tzedakah.

There are some things we all understand: The horror of neediness, the pain of a widow’s outstretched arm, the frightening emptiness in the eyes of a starving child. Charity touches the heart of every Jew, tapping into their innate desire to give. Learning Torah to enable giving is a concept any Jew on any level of affiliation can connect to.

The desire to give fuels the desire to learn, which in turn fosters deep connection to Judaism. Learning 2 Give inspires Jews at every level of observance to drink from the life-giving fountain of Torah. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to reduce assimilation, help those in need and connect fellow Jews.

On Sunday, October 9th, just two days before Yom Kippur, Learning 2 Give partners with Yad Chaya in a groundbreaking event. Yad Chaya, an organization founded to assist Israel’s poor in a variety of ways including supporting widows, marrying off orphans, and providing financial assistance for newborn baby expenses, is a prime example of the worthy causes affiliated with L2G.
This event will be a rally of unity, in which all Jews are welcome to learn from the words of R’ Paysach Krohn, while their attendance guarantees an automatic donation of one hundred dollars to Yad Chaya. Sponsors for Yad Chaya have already pledged up to $20,000 dollars for the first 200 attendees and have agreed to raise $100 per additional attendee.

Please join your fellow Jews in this momentous evening of connection by signing up through our website, Learning2give.org. Your attendance will leave you inspired, while enabling Yad Chaya to provide for another needy family in Israel.

Encouraging a non-affiliated friend to join will further our goal of reaching out to our fellow Jews and introducing to them the beauty of Torah study and Orthodoxy in a convenient and relatable way.

We look forward to welcoming you at this event.

Article written by: Ruchama Schnaidman