Reach out to a friend and help a family in need.

American born parents raised a beautiful family of 13 children in Ramot, Jerusalem.
Recently, 5 of their children were captured and violated on their way back from school. The culprits were non – Jews.
The children are now safe but have ever since have undergone major trauma. They barely speak, they yell in the middle of the night, and can no longer function in a regular school setting. child
They had to receive much therapy, private tutoring and the family also had to move to another
The father is a teacher in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem and even before the crisis, the family
was struggling to make ends meet. The sudden move and the needed private assistance for
their children is an overbearing financial strain on the family.
The parents are said to be on the verge of a mental breakdown as they simply don’t have the
means to pay for this private assistance which they still very much need to pay for.
Ezras Achim ( and Rabbi Asher Arieli (Rosh Yeshiva of Mirrer Yeshiva) are personally involved with this case.

References: Rabbi Sheingarten: 02 582 2368     Rabbi Israel Meir Krombein: 732 719 5298     Mr.Moshe Siegel: 732 903 8161   

One anonymous donor has committed to donate $50 to the cause on behalf of each individual who reaches out and learns Torah with a friend so that your Torah learning coupled with Tzedaka would be a merit for the yeshua of the family.

All you have to do is:

  • Call a friend, family member or someone you barely know who is unaffiliated or can simply use some chizuk.
  • Learn with them a Torah insight on whatever topic for whatever amount of time, even for 1 minute.
  • Have the person you learned with send a written review of what you learned about in their own words to [email protected]. The review can be as long or short as they like.

They will iyH receive a confirmation of receipt of their email as well as a copy of the receipt of the donation that was made on their behalf.

Tizku L’Mitzvot.

fav-small  Any extra donation can be made to  Please write “Siegel” in the “Description” field.

Our brothers in need cry out to us for help, our hearts cry for the thousands of Jews disconnected from Torah and Judaism. Partnering with Learning 2 Give can help us answer these calls.

Charity Touches the Heart of Every Jew.

Tapping into their innate desire to give, Learning 2 Give joins Jews of all affiliations closer to Torah by linking their learning with charity sponsors.

Bonding the worldwide Jewish community through Torah and Tzedakah, L2G’s network has the power to unite Jews, raise money for charity and reduce assimilation. Learning Torah becomes the catalyst for a donation to a worthy cause and giving Tzedaka fuels the desire to learn and grow.

L2G offers unique opportunities to both sponsors and those seeking to have charity donated on behalf of their Torah learning.

  • Torah shiurim can become tzedakah and kiruv opportunities by inviting sponsors to pledge specific amounts per attendee to be donated to the organization of choice.
  • Torah learners can also offer their learning goal to be picked up by sponsors and sponsors can offer pledge amounts for anyone willing to undertake specific learning goals.
  • Friend learning together can connect and share their learning with a fellow Jew next door or across the globe to give to a Charity they all want to help.
  • There are also opportunities available for those without internet access to join this tremendous cause.

Any Jew, anywhere, at any time can achieve the dual goal of learning to give.

Our brothers in need cry out to us for help, our hearts cry for the thousands of Jews disconnected from Torah and Judaism. Partnering with Learning 2 Give can help us answer these calls. Thousands of dollars have already been raised for charity and numerous Jewish souls have been touched by the power of Torah and Tzedakah through the L2G program.

Our work is only just beginning. We need your help to develop our program to its full potential and thereby help other Jews realize theirs. Please donate generously by visiting

If you may be interested in potentially becoming a founding partner of Learning 2 Give and would like to get to know more about our history, program, and plan, please call 646 897 6776 or email [email protected]

We would love the chance to present it to you.

Ketiva V’Chasima Tova!

Daniel Cohen


Thank you to all participants for attending and those who made additional donations to Yad Chaya






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Yad Chaya was formed in the summer of 2001 to address the needs of a large contingency of our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel and the United States. Yad Chaya operates numerous programs to help poor individuals and families who do not otherwise have the ability to adequately cover their expenses – including widows, orphans, large families and poor students. Yad Chaya runs various programs, including: grants, mentoring, holiday, wedding assistance, housing assistance, newborn support and many more.

Since its inception, Yad Chaya has distributed an average of approximately $1,000,000 each year. Yad Chaya operates with absolutely no overhead or operating costs – Yad Chaya is managed and operated entirely by volunteers. All of your donations are used to help those who desperately need it most.

For more information or to donate to Yad Chaya, please visit

Checks may be made out to Yad Chaya and mailed to: Fishman Family, 8 Muriel Ave, Lawrence, NY 11559


Yad Chaya assists Israel’s poor in a variety of ways, including:

  • Charitable Grants
  • Wedding Assistance Program
  • Student Merit Fund
  • Shabbos/Holiday Packages
  • Yad Mitzvah
  • Yissochor/Zevulun
  • Holiday Grant Program
  • Housing Assistance Program
  • Free Loan Society
  • Newbon Fund



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